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Consumers, Policy And The Environment

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Professor Folke 0lander celebrates his 70th birthday the 21st of July 2005. With this "Festschrift", Folke 01ander7s colleagues and collaborators over the years want to honour him and to express their appreciation of his life-long contribution to - search, especially research within the themes reflected in the title of this volume: Consumers, Policy and the Environment. Having established close collaboration with European economic psychology's grand old man, Karl-Erik Warneryd, already during his PhD study, Folke 0lander became an active contributor to the development of economic psychology as a - search field in Europe. When the International Association for Research in E- nomic Psychology (IAREP) was founded in 1982, Folke Olander was present, and he was president of IAREP in 1989- 199 1. Folke 0lander has played an equally - fluential role in European and international consumer policy research. Together with Gerhard Scherhorn and Norbert Reich, he was a founding editor of the Journal of Consumer Policy in 1977, a position he has held until 2005. Folke 0lander has also been very active in Nordic consumer policy and in Nordic consumer research since the 70s. He played a crucial part in the Nordic workshop "Consumer and - ciety" in 1978 and organized the workshop on "Road to consumer influence" in Helsinki in 1986. He has been a member of the Nordic Consumer Committee under the Nordic Council of Ministers since 1994.

Environmental Impact Assessment

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has become a vital management tool worldwide. EIA is a means of evaluating the likely consequences of a proposed major action which will significantly affect the environment, before that action is taken.This new edition of Wood's key text provides an authoritative, international review of environmental impact assessment, comparing systems used in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand and South Africa.

Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio-technical Issues And Challenges

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This book records one of the continuous attempts of the IFIP Working Group 8. 2, studying the interaction of information systems and the organization, to explore and understand the shifting boundaries and dependencies between organizational activities and their computer support. The book marks the result of the IFIP WG 8. 2 conference on "Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio-Technical Issues and Challenges. " Since its inception in the late 1970s, IFIP WG 8. 2 has sought to understand how computer-based information systems interact and must be designed as an integrated part of the organizational design. At that time, information systems handled repetitive and remote back-office functions and the main concern was work task design for repetitive input tasks and the potential impact of improved information support on organizational decision-making and structure. The focus of the information system design shifted in the 1980s when computers became part of the furniture and moved into the office. Reflecting this significant change, IFIP WG 8. 2 in 1989 organized a conference dedicated to the design and impact of desktop technology in order to examine how organizational processes and the locus of action changed when the computer was moved into the office. Sixteen years later, we are experiencing another significant change. Computers are now becoming part of our body and sensory system and will move out of the traditional office locations and into the wilderness. Again, IFIP WG 8.


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Oil Spill Environment Dispersant Ecological
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Oil Spill Environment Dispersant Ecological
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