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Impacts And Risk Assessment Of Technology For Internet Security

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This study investigates the impacts and risk assessment of technology-ena bled information (TET), v DEGREEShich are engaged in the process of discovering the opportunities and challenges presented by TEI to the new form of small medi um enterprises (SME) business transactions: Technology Enable Information Small Medium Enterprises (TEISME). Within the UK economy, the notion of TEISMEs is one that forms the focus for this research. Other technologies that enabled information are also discussed. For example electronic mail (e-mail), voice mail, facsimile machines (fax), teleconferencing, data conferencing, vid eo conferencing, electronic data interchange (EDI), and mobile phone (WAP), which are geared towards ease of transferring information are investigated. The electronic marketplace itself can be described as an on-line location for buyers and sellers to meet and conduct their business and complete transac tions. This study identified ways of minimising the risk liability of TEISME busi ness operations as a result of their dependences on TEI (Internet-eC). The rapid evolution and spread of information technology (IT) during the last few years is challenging SMEs, governments and the Internet security professionals to rethink the very nature of risk exposure. Parallel to this notion is the task of identifying: the technologies for Internet Security, the generic problems with network protocol layers, and key elements or threads that might be common to all TEISMEs business operations."

Climate Change 2014 - Impacts, Adaptation And Vulnerability: Global And Sectoral Aspects Part A

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This latest Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will again form the standard reference for all those concerned with climate change and its consequences, including students, researchers and policy makers in environmental science, meteorology, climatology, biology, ecology, atmospheric chemistry and environmental policy.

The Health Impacts Of Globalisation

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This paper describes a conceptual framework for the health implications of globalisation. The framework is developed by first identifying the main determinants of population health and the main features of the globalisation process. The resulting conceptual model explicitly visualises that globalisation affects the institutional, economic, social-cultural and ecological determinants of population health, and that the globalisation process mainly operates at the contextual level, while influencing health through its more distal and proximal determinants. The developed framework provides valuable insights in how to organise the complexity involved in studying the health effects resulting from globalisation. It could, therefore, give a meaningful contribution to further empirical research by serving as a 'think-model' and provides a basis for the development of future scenarios on health. The backmatter of the book contains a few articles concerning the merits of open access publishing.


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Oil Spill Environment Dispersant Ecological
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Oil Spill Environment Dispersant Ecological
Impact Geomechanics Monitoring Ecosystem

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